Kanchan Purohit

Kanchan PurohitA post graduate from the Mumbai University, Kanchan started  her career as an air-hostess and Customer Support in the Hospitality Industry. Having learnt extensively from  travels and work experience over the past 30 years,  Kanchan has invested the past two decades building a global engineering company as a first generation entrepreneur. ( www.neptunus-power.com)  Kanchan discovers her inner self through ‘Art of Living’ and is a Reiki Healer and NLP Master Practitioner.

She combines NLP techniques with facilitation methods to deliver experiential interventions that are creative, engaging and highly effective. She has partnered hundreds of persons to effect the change they are seeking and has helped them realize their personal and professional potential. The blend of her Professionalism, perspective of a Business owner and learning from being a student of Inner Wellness will certainly bring out the best out of you! 




Sharmila Bhagwat

Sharmila is a corporate maverick with a spiritual bent of mind who believes in living life fully. After a full-time corporate stint of 25 years, Sharmila continues to work as a Consultant with companies and has gone on to become a Life Coach and a Certified Yoga Teacher. Through “Kasha”, Sharmila wishes to live her yet another dream of enhancing the beauty and grace in every woman.





Image Consultant
Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Designer of handcrafted  Saris