Exclusive Saris online for your special occasion: Hand crafted with pride, in India.


The Image Canvas presents KASHA Saris:  Hand embroidered by skilled Women of India, for the Women who value Indian art and culture.

Kanchan Purohit and Sharmila Bhagwat work with talented artists from interior India. Their tired eyes and deft fingers have worked for weeks to create these handcrafted ,limited edition saris.  An outcome of our passion, creativity and age old skills of the lady artisans, we are committed to preserving  dying art forms like ‘Kasuti’ and  Neygi from Karnataka. Poor patronage along with the advent of the ‘duplicity’ of machine embroidery has restricted it’s practice to only a handful of women artisans in the interiors of  Karnataka.

Kasuti’s history dates back to the ‘Chalukya’ dynasty of the 17th century. The embroidery involves stitches like Ganthi (double running stitch), Murgi ( zig zag stitch), Neyge ( running stitch) and Menthe (Cross stitch).

We shall be happy to design bespoke Sarees for your special occasion. Kanchan is a certified image consultant and understands the language of clothing. Her insights will facilitate a choice of saree suited to your persona , role and occasion. One to  one consulting for wardrobe management is available too.

Sharmila with her understanding of textiles and weaves picks natural fibres and comfortable textures. The output is a harmonious combination of traditional weaves and classic designs.

KASHA Saris is a tribute to the ‘Artisans’ who weave this magic and to you for appreciating this art.

Preview : https://photos.app.goo.gl/veQWLK1HPZWYKPzA6.

Book the Saree you like soon, as we do not repeat our designs.

Meet by appointment at Seawoods, Navi Mumbai.

Kanchan                                                    Sharmila

+91 98673 75933                                   +91 98929 57382




Rekha Akka, over 70 yrs, at work

One thought on “Exclusive Saris online for your special occasion: Hand crafted with pride, in India.

  1. Anna Crasto

    Kanchan introduced me to “Kasha” on my visit to India a couple of years back. When I saw the colours and collection, I fell in love with this beautiful handcrafted materials. They are so beautiful that every year I take dupattas and scarves as gifts for my friends in NZ.
    I have even ordered them online and they are true to form. They come very well packaged without any issues.
    Thanks to Kanchan, I am able to share the beautiful and colourful culture to New Zealand.

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