Exclusive Saris online for your special occasion: Hand crafted with pride, in India.

The Image Canvas presents KASHA Saris:  Hand embroidered by skilled Women of India, for the Women who value art, culture, skills and commitment.

Kanchan Purohit, Sahana and Sharmila Bhagwat work with talented artists, some of them over 70 yrs old. Their tired eyes and deft fingers have worked for weeks to create these handcrafted special, limited edition saris. Each Sari is  hand picked and embellished with fine art work, for your discerning taste.

The intricate hand embroidery – Kasuti -‘kai’ ( hands) and ‘Suti’(cotton),  is under threat. Poor patronage along with the advent of the ‘duplicity’ of machine embroidery has restricted it’s practice to only a handful of women artisans in the interiors of  Karnataka.

It’s history dates back to the ‘Chalukya’ dynasty of the 17th century. The embroidery involves stitches like Ganthi (double running stitch), Murgi ( zig zag stitch), Neyge ( running stitch) and Menthe (Cross stitch).

We are committed to preserving this art form by rewarding the artisans well for their untiring dedication and hard work.This is one of our many social initiatives for the Ladies in India.

KASHA  Sarees are a tribute to the ‘Artisans’ who weave this magic and to you for appreciating this art

Poor patronage is forcing closure of many institutes for this art and the art form is under threat.

We shall be happy to take orders for your special occasion.

A Saree takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks of labour, so do allow us this time to execute Orders

For a quick look : https://photos.app.goo.gl/veQWLK1HPZWYKPzA6

We look forward to your feedback and enquiries

Kanchan                                                    Sharmila

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Nerul, Navi Mumbai, India

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Pure silk Irkal with Kasuti hand embroidery









Gadhwal Silk with Kasuti hand embroidery

Khandua silk with thread handwork and Tiklis

Rekha Akka, over 70 yrs, at work

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