Mothers day

While waiting at the airport, I was watching frenzy of activity at the stores, where brisk sales were happening -people picking up wine, perfume, chocolates and gifts to take home to their Mother, as Mother’s day gift.

Mothers day

The corporate jet set crowd, armed with their latest appraisals were hastily swiping plastic before their flight. The gift, after all, was the annual progress report they were taking back home.  It ’s common to see the plethora of products,  claiming ‘THE’ perfect gift for ‘YOUR PERFECT MOTHER’.

My thoughts went back to my younger days when every day was Mother’s day.  We started celebrating ‘Mother’s day, only when my boys did.  Till we lost her two years ago, my sisters and I often took her out for a meal to a place of her choice or bought her a gift.  The joy of spending time together was her real gift. She longed to spend more time with me. Much as I did juggle my work and home, I didn’t meet her expectations.  A regret I will always have.

It’s true that as you grow older, you resonate with what your Parents said and did. Today when my Adult boys buy me a gift, it’s the thought that they spent a few minutes for me that warms my heart.  Often, I even have to be reminded to open the package and have a look at the gift! At family dinners together the place, food, cuisine, ambience has little significance as compared to the thought that we are all together. A family that eats together, stays together. It’s a scary thought that often, the four members of a family don’t eat together. With busy schedules and independent lifestyles, even important messages are shared on messages and emails within the family.  News as important as winning an award is communicated on a family chat.  The millennials expect people to reply and respond like robots, at a click, in a nanosecond. Emotions are restricted to the menu of Emoticons on their touchscreen, single display. Clearly, we are putting schedules and deadlines before relationships. The preferred gift to your Parents today is your ‘TIME’, so swipe your ‘Time’ card this year and get max payback credits too! An offer no credit card company can match

Speaking on behalf of the Parents, we are coping and embracing all we can of this restricted, digital connectivity with our children. It will certainly not feature on our regret list.

It’s interesting to note that over 18 % of the middle-aged people regret the fact that they didn’t tell or show their Parents what they meant to them when they had the chance.

I am sure you will not be one of them.

I will like to hear your thoughts on this.

Kanchan Purohit, The Image canvas.