Professionalism At Work

As Business Owners, do you often worry about the image your team members make when they interact with your Clients, Vendors and Stakeholders?
Your Team members are the Brand Ambassadors of your Organisation.
We shall facilitate their professional presence so you will reap rich dividends.

Workshop Will Include:-

  1. First Impressions
  2. Grooming and Professional Dressing
  3. Effective Meetings
  4. Etiquette At Work Place
  5. Initiating A Conversation

Who Should Attend:-

  1. Business Owners
  2. Sales and Marketing Professionals
  3. Customer Interface Team
  4. Line Managers
  5. Quality Professionals
  6. Professionals Travelling Overseas

Benefits To Participants:-

  1. Make Impactful Impressions
  2. Improve Verbal and Non Verbal  Communication
  3. Understand Power Dressing
  4. Display Appropriate Etiquette
  5. Conduct Effective Meetings
  6. Achieve Professional Excellence
  7. Be An Effective Team Member

Date. 13th April 2018

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