SMILE your way to good health!

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As a student of body language, in the non-verbal communication segment, I present a case for ‘SMILE’ as the most powerful positive expression, particularly because it is fairly underutilized.

Let’s review how we start our mornings. To most of us, first thought as we wake up is planning and even worrying about the tasks, deadline and meetings, for the day. These logical thoughts are fed to our Unconscious or Subconscious mind and at times seeds of doubt become threatening reality. A perfect example of ‘the law of attraction’ at work.  If this resonates with your experience, I urge you to just try kick-starting your day with a SMILE, to yourself.  On waking up, give yourself a Muwaah, and bless yourself with positive affirmations. You will share this positive energy and by the law of attraction, attract positive good things and people in your lives. Aren’t people attracted to happy smiling faces, rather than ‘dukhi’, depressed ‘aatmas?’.

I’ve often observed the following behaviour with interest. Think about how we take ‘selfies’ or group pictures. We put on our best ‘smile’ for the Camera- a non-living entity: Our best face and foot forward for a photograph that will circulate on media, in the virtual world, to persons we may never meet in real life! As soon as the photograph is taken, we disperse and are back to wearing the original expression! How about building a rapport, bonding, working things out, making friends and making people smile in the real world?

A smile is infectious. After a fleeting eye contact, if we smile even to a stranger, there is a great chance that you will receive a positive response. In fact, it’s really hard to ignore a good warm smile. A smile is the basic communication byte, from one human to another, irrespective of language, it means the same universally. It’s a great way to build rapport and bond in a relationship. A genuine smile will never be misunderstood. If any of you are worried about the sexist angle!

Smile and Humour reduce stress levels by releasing the good hormones. Humour has the power to soften some of the most severe blows and setbacks of life. Here, let’s recollect Charlie Chaplin ’s art,  in contrast, it with the actual life he led. Boman Irani (He played the character of Dr J C Asthana)  in the movie, Munnabhai MBBS, had used laughter as an antidote to manage his stress. It appeared strange to others, but worked for him!

Smile increases immunity, helps manage blood pressure and increases the threshold of pain- both physical and emotional.  It’s a good preventive therapy.  Of course, you will then lead a long and healthy life.

So the next time you are really down and out, you have a choice to respond: tears or laughter… Choose humour. Watch a funny movie, hang out with fun people you know and reap the numerous benefits of smiling.  It’s an easier, less messy and cheaper option to tears and self-pity.

15th of June was ‘World smile power day’-  On this day, I have resolved to do myself a favour in this direction. I hope you will join me too. I urge you to utilize this incredible power each one of you has within you.

SMILE! Actually, your life depends on it! ‘’

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