We ensure our Clients achieve their personal and professional goals.

We achieve this by empowering our Clients to project an ‘Image’ that is in congruence with their role and capabilities.

Essence of Image Management:

The way we look affects the way we think, feel, act, behave and speak.
This in turn impacts the way people react or respond to us – Judith Rasband.

A well managed ‘Image enhances our Confidence, Capability, Productivity and Credibility.

It  makes a difference  between getting that dream job or not, getting a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ for a first date, between ‘Winning’ and ‘aspiring to win’

– Individually, or as a Corporate team.

Way of Work : .

We work through personalized ‘one to one’ sessions or workshops that are designed for groups.

What is NLP?

NLP is the psychology of achievement and interpersonal communication.  It is using the language of the mind to consistently achieve the desired outcomes.

 Where is NLP used ?

Interactive facilitative methods and NLP techniques are used in Education ( Students and Teachers ), in therapy ( Coaching, Confidence , Phobia, Trauma, Relationship management)  and in Business (One to one Consultation, and Corporate training ).

This results in accelerated learning.

Reiki Healing :  Reiki  Healing in combination with NLP  Tools are a very powerful and effective cure for most ailments and illnesses.

You could be a professional, student, housewife or business leader. You will see value in our customized solutions.

The A, B, C of Image management ..

Personal  interventions are done in strict confidence.