How Image Consulting works

As an affordable Personal stylist, Personal Consultant and NLP practitioner, we partner our Client in learning the finer nuances of Appearance, Behaviour, Communication skills, advanced wellness and emotional health.

This empowers them to project a good first impression at the workplace and in personal life. This increases their confidence and competencies. An impactful ‘Image’ increases credibility and improves relationships.

The way we look affects the way we think, feel, act, behave and speak.

This in turn impacts the way people react or respond to us                                                                                                                                                                                – Judith Rasband.

What is NLP?

NLP could be defined as a psychology of achievement and interpersonal communication- a science of understanding human responses, based on our brain’s programming or simply put, is ‘natural language’ processing.

How does NLP help?

Using the language of the mind helps achieve the desired outcomes. I share these easy to use, DIY NLP techniques in my workshops, so the participants are equipped with self-help methodologies to achieve their goals. It results in advanced wellness and helps in anger management, stress and time management and achieving mental and emotional health.
You could be a professional, student, housewife or business leader. You will see value in our customized solutions. Our workshops are on:
1. Build your personal brand
2. NLP in daily life
3. Give an effective interview
4. Winning habits
5. Power of the mind
6. Time Management
7. Stress Management
9. Communication skills- verbal and nonverbal
10. Etiquette and grooming
11. Professionalism
12. Inner wellness – physical and emotional

all 3
*We work with our Clients through personalized ‘one to one’ sessions (strictly confidential) or in group workshops.*
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