Workshop On Stress Management

Stress Management workshop By The Image Canvas In Navi Mumbai

IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Navi Mumbai and The Image Canvas is conducting a half day workshop on ‘Building stress free teams’ Year end stress? Not at all! Nominate your colleagues for the session.

The efficacy and performance of your Company is a direct function of each Team member’s capacity to manage ‘Personal Stress’. This workshop will in a very simple, experiential manner bring overall awareness and personal inner wellbeing in each Participant.





Objective Of The Workshop:
  • Prevent personal burnout
  • Gain insight into using emotional intelligence
  • Manage irrational and self limiting beliefs
  • Effectively manage time and tasks
Participants Will Be Empowered To:
  • Identify their stress triggers
  • Manage inner well being
  • Leverage power of subconscious mind
  • Get into effective personal habits
  • Use stress busting tools
Who Will Benefit:
  • Good for all team members at all ranks from all departments
  • Quality professionals

The Workshop will be conducted by Ms Kanchan Purohit and Ms Binda Kanayalkar, of ‘The Image Canvas’.

For Registration Call Us On +91 98673 75933

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